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The Faces of Our Organization

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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Executive Director

A high school Class of 2023 senior, Derek has always had a passion for helping others. After confronting community health iniquities abroad while working with Stanford’s Center for Health Education and the WHO to build digital tools to optimize healthcare access in underserved African villages, I sought to enhance healthcare locally, confronting digital health literacy and health disparities.



Managing Director

A high school Class of 2025 sophomore, Serena is increasingly enthusiastic about bettering the community. During her freshman year of high school, she joined a club called UNICEF to help support and defend human rights. The club got her thinking about connecting the elder community with the modern world.



Program Manager

Yubin Cho, a dedicated high school Class of 2023 senior, has always been determined to find ways of helping others. With a history of helping those in need, she continually takes steps toward expanding the ways that senior citizens can utilize modern solutions to answer age-old problems



Stephanie, a high school Class of 2026 freshman, has always enjoyed technology and helping others. With experience in helping the elderly, she wants to further assist them in a world that is constantly advancing, through the use of technology. She is excited to help solve their problems and make their lives even better.



A rising high school Class of 2026 freshman, Dasha has always had the drive to help give back to the community. Having to help her grandparents with modern technology for numerous consecutive summers, she is determined to find those with similar issues close to home. With new technology surfacing each day, she is committed to helping our seniors in any way she can.



Gyohyun (Justine) Koo, a high school Class of 2026 freshman, has always been eager to help those in need. With great experiences in technology and volunteering, she wants to pursue her goal of a world with more robust connections between people and technology. I am incredibly passionate about using this opportunity to make a better world for the elderly.

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