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Before we get started with anything fancy, you have to know the basics first. These are the most commonly used default apps on mobile phones.


The phone app allows you to connect with family, friends, and set contacts similar to a landline.



Messaging apps make collaborating with others in a conversation easy. Think of it as notes to one or multiple people! Most mobile phones have either iMessages if you have an Apple (right) or Messages if you have an Android (left).


Internet Browsers

Finally learn to use the internet through this app which allows you to visit billions of web pages on the internet. There are many popular browsers, but most smartphones have Google Chrome (right) or Safari (left).

Internet browsers can lead you to health articles about COVID-19 and other diseases or conditions. You can use these browsers to go to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( or type in to become more knowledgeable and better your health.

**Some text called links are clickable. Click on them to be led to the listed website! Try it on the underlined text**



Take a photo! The camera app is able to take pictures and videos to capture moments.


Photos of Gallery

The photos or gallery app allows you to see the beautiful photos you just took. It gathers the images you have taken and puts them in a more easily accessible place.



Your simple alarm clock has been put into a phone. The clock app can set alarms, add timers, and run stopwatches. Even my grandfather uses the clock app to set his wake-up and nap alarms. Don't worry about traveling as the clock will automatically change depending on the time zone.



This is your online calendar where you can check the date, figure out plans, schedule events, and determine the next holiday!


Play Store or IOS App Store

This last app is the app of all the apps. Known as the app store or play store on most phones, it is a place to discover and download more apps! The IOS App Store is found on iPhones (right) and the Google Play store is found on Androids (left). Both have similar features.

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