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Ways to Add Technology into Your Life

Technology is everywhere, but as it's advancing at such a rapid rate it may be hard for you to determine how and where to start. While not absolute, here are some steps for you to enter the world of technology.

1. Understand what device you have

There are several common devices that you may have or see around you.

Flip phone

Flip phones are small rectangles which flip open (hence the name) to reveal a small screen and a number pad. These devices can essentially only make calls.

What can you do with a Flip phone?

  • Make Calls

  • Send texts

Flip phones, especially older ones, don't have the hardware to do a lot of things that modern phones are able to do. However, they are extremely good at the basics. They often have batteries that last several days (depending on your usage) due to how energy efficient and its basic internal components.


Smartphones is a small phone that you can hold in your hand which have the capabilities of a computer. They are like advanced flip phones and can do much more. They have a glass touch screen surface which you tap on to interact with the device.

What can you do with a smartphone?

  • Make calls and texts

  • Search the internet

  • Take send pictures and videos

  • Download apps

  • Watch videos and listen to music

  • Stream content

  • Shop online

Smartphones allow you to do so many things. There are so many possibilities that it's easy to get confused at first with the intricacies and all the options. There are many options on modern smartphones which can accommodate to difficulty seeing small text and hearing which can make your user experience better.


Tablets can be described as a bigger smartphone that can't make calls. It is a lightweight portable device with a big touch screen, mainly for content enjoyment. It's smaller than a laptop but bigger than a phone.

What can you do with a tablet?

Tablets have all the capabilities of a phone besides texting and calling. They can:

  • Browse the web

  • Shop online

  • Take photos and videos

  • Watch videos

  • Listen to music

  • Video call

  • Read books

Tablets allow you to enjoy a bigger screen while still allowing it to be portable. You can enjoy videos and pictures on the larger screen. They are very thin and fairly light so you can take it with you when you travel. One of the most common tablets is the Apple iPad


Laptops are rectangular boxes that open up on one side to reveal a screen on the top and a keyboard and trackpad on the bottom. You interact with it using the keyboard as well as the smaller rectangle on the bottom half of the keyboard to control the pointer. They have batteries which are rechargeable and last for a number of hours depending on each device

What can you do with a laptop?

Laptops are like bigger tablets. The keyboard and mouse allow for more precision. You can click precise points with the mouse and the keyboard gives you bigger keys to press down and type on. A lot of people use laptops to do work. In fact, I wrote this article on my laptop.

Laptops have their own interface and icons on the display will look a little different from phones and tablets.

How to Get Started

There are a few ways to get started.

  • Family and friends

Your family and children are a good source as you see them often

  • Reach out to your senior living center and ask if they have a tech class

Senior living centers offer many high quality activities to their residents, one of which may even be technology. Currently we are offering groups at Brightview Lake Tappan and Broadway Adult Daycare, but your own center may offer services as well.


Regardless of what device you have it's important to get started with your technology and dive into the digital world. If you want to know what benefits technology can bring, check out the previous post about Technology and Your Health on our Blog page.

Happy discovering!

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